March 2, 2007

So after careful consideration (and much pressure from Chris), I decided to finally download Ubuntu. For those who don’t know, Ubuntu is a Linux O/S that is completely FREE. I haven’t played around with it at all, but I eventually will. I may not get rid of Windows completely (because the wife would kill me), but I may just run it from a removable hard drive.

Are you happy, Chris?


3 Responses to “Ubuntu”

  1. Chris Rohde Says:

    You are damn right I am happy. I love me some Ubuntu. I would even go so far as to say to also download the ISO for Kubuntu (the KDE version) as that is what I switched to later on.

    I even started the Florida Ubuntu LoCo Team (wiki.ubuntu.com/FloridaTeam)

    Check out the Chicago team at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ChicagoTeam

    The leader of that is named Rich (aka nixternal) and he has helped me out ENORMOUSLY with setup and all that. Let me know if you do partition and install, because there are minor things to make your life easier I can help with

    Welcome to the addiction, but really… get Kubuntu too. To be fair.

  2. Chris Rohde Says:

    And by the way… you may be surprised with how easily the non-technically slanted take to ubuntu or kubuntu.. Connie seems to like it, and open office provides all the functionality of MS Office without all teh bloat.

    If Connie’s comp takes one more shit on us, she’s gonna let me wipe it and put linux on.

  3. Chris Rohde Says:

    Write… more….

    And did you test it out yet?

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