March 2, 2007

So after careful consideration (and much pressure from Chris), I decided to finally download Ubuntu. For those who don’t know, Ubuntu is a Linux O/S that is completely FREE. I haven’t played around with it at all, but I eventually will. I may not get rid of Windows completely (because the wife would kill me), but I may just run it from a removable hard drive.

Are you happy, Chris?


Fantasy Football Program

December 18, 2006

Recently I created a program using C++ that asks for a user input for a fantasy football position, ie. Q for Quarterback, etc. Depending on what position was input, the program asks for stats such as throwing yards, rushing yards, interceptions, etc. It then takes these values and computes the score for the stats that were entered based on Yahoo! Sports’s scoring system.

The program also will not let the user enter more than one quarterback, two running backs, three receivers, one kicker, and one defense. All I need to do now is create this program as a windows application and then publish/sell it. Any comments/suggestions?

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