Fantasy Football Program

December 18, 2006

Recently I created a program using C++ that asks for a user input for a fantasy football position, ie. Q for Quarterback, etc. Depending on what position was input, the program asks for stats such as throwing yards, rushing yards, interceptions, etc. It then takes these values and computes the score for the stats that were entered based on Yahoo! Sports’s scoring system.

The program also will not let the user enter more than one quarterback, two running backs, three receivers, one kicker, and one defense. All I need to do now is create this program as a windows application and then publish/sell it. Any comments/suggestions?

return 0;


So I was watching the Bears game on Monday night and Rex Grossman (scientific name: Quarterbackus Turnsoveralots) was playing HORRIBLY.  This game was insanely ridiculous as far offensive gameplay goes.  Rex couldn’t make ANYTHING happen, Thomas Jones is running like a girl (like usual).  On the other hand, the Bears’ defense with its mile wide mean streak was playing horribly until midway through the third quarter.  In the second half, the Bears outscored the Cards 24-3… all defensive and special teams (other than an offensive field goal).

Just goes to show, DEFENSE wins games.

Well, my New Orleans Saints had a GREAT game against the “Hot-Lanta” Falcons last night, 23-3. Drew Brees looks really good coming off of that shoulder surgery going 20-28 and 191 yards. Reggie Bush looked very promising as well with an average of about 4 yards per carry for that game and 3.7 rushing yards per carry on the season, even though Deuce McAllister is still holding on to that starting position.

This looks to be the first winning season in a LONG time, but I don’t want to jinx them, so I’ll just say, “Cha-Ching!”

The Soccer Game

September 24, 2006

Some of you may know that I volunteer on a nearly weekly basis with the Chicago Fire. Tonight wasn’t unlike any other night, except the temperature dropped about eight degrees in about two hours, and I was without a jacket. It had rained earlier, so my feet were still wet, soggy, and cold. The stadium had a larger crowd than usual, probably because of the team that the Fire were playing against: LA Galaxy.

Another reason could be that it was Hispanic Heritage night at Toyota Park in Bridgeview. My father-in-law was being honored as one of the community’s Hispanic leaders. We were all very happy for him, except that he couldn’t be here tonight because he’s visiting his brother on the West Coast. Anyway, on with the game…

So our Chicago Fire beat the LA Galaxy (with Landon “I’m really overrated” Donovan). The Fire scored in the first minute and held the Galaxy scoreless until the 84th minute. After the Galaxy tied the game up, Andy Herron made a break and was awarded a penalty kick because of the Galaxy’s “rough ’em up” style of play.

You wouldn’t believe how loud the stadium got after Andy Herron converted the penalty kick, putting the Fire ahead 2-1. This was a great game tonight, and I’m glad I could spend it with my family and friends.

You should have been there.