Blue Man Group

March 2, 2007

Betsy got tickets to BMG last night, so we all went.  GREAT show.  If you haven’t ever seen it, I strongly recommend that you go.  It’s a great blend of art, music, and crowd participation that’s fun for the entire family (or even a night out with that special someone).  I had never seen them before, and to say the least: it was an experience.

Can’t wait to go again.


Fantasy Football Program

December 18, 2006

Recently I created a program using C++ that asks for a user input for a fantasy football position, ie. Q for Quarterback, etc. Depending on what position was input, the program asks for stats such as throwing yards, rushing yards, interceptions, etc. It then takes these values and computes the score for the stats that were entered based on Yahoo! Sports’s scoring system.

The program also will not let the user enter more than one quarterback, two running backs, three receivers, one kicker, and one defense. All I need to do now is create this program as a windows application and then publish/sell it. Any comments/suggestions?

return 0;

Donkey Flu

December 18, 2006

There was this Christmas pageant at the church down the street from where I live.  It was something a little different than most Christmas Pageants.  This particular pageant took the guests on a “tour of Bethlehem.”  It was actually really nice to experience something different than the usual.  On the tour, we stopped and visited Mary at her home, Joseph at his carpenter’s shop, and eventually baby Jesus in a manger.  We live in Chicago, so the manger was indoor and heated.

I digress, so on to my point.  Outside the “manger” there were a few sheep and one donkey corralled  in a small “petting zoo.”  My mother-in-law decided that she wanted to pet the donkey just like the children before her were petting it.  She’s stroking the nose of the donkey (much like one would pet a horse’s nose) and all of a sudden, “SLURP”!  The donkey had sucked her finger in and bit her.  Yes, my mother-in-law was bitten by a donkey.

The next day, she had gotten very sick (it’s flu season, mind you).  She got tested at the doctor’s office where she works and they said that she had contracted two strains of the flu at the same time.  She says that she just got sick. 

 We all think it was the Donkey Flu.

Happy Birthday!

November 11, 2006

I want to wish a Happy 231st Birthday to all my fellow Marines out there.  We should all take pride in what we’ve done and will do for our country.  I bet any amount of money that if you asked a soldier, sailor, or airman what his/her branch’s birthday is, he/she wouldn’t be able to tell you.  Once a Marine, Always a Marine, and for those who know me, this is a bit more “moto” than usual.

Semper Fi

Here’s my take on these:  How come none of them ever state what the candidate is going to do, rather than what his/her opponent did wrong previously?

It seems to me that these commercials more resemble mudslinging than campaign ads.  Imagine if Coca-Cola decided that in their next ad, they would say, “Pepsi puts boogers in their products.”

Personally, this type of “advertising” would encourage me to not purchase or endorse either product.  Pepsi for the boogers, and Coke for being a “tattle tail”.  I think it’s high time for political figureheads to start worrying about what they’re going to do rather than bashing their opponent.  It’s unprofessional.

I hate politics anyway.

Trip to Florida

November 6, 2006

So this past week, my wife and I went to Florida to visit my mother.  All in all, the trip was good.  We basically just hung out at the beach and at my mom’s house.  Betsy was satisfied with the overall vacation, so I’m happy.

 We were a mere hour and a half from Tampa, FL which is where my dad lives, yet he couldn’t take the time to come visit me.  My own father made an excuse that he “had to work” rather than visit his oldest son.  I could understand if it was more than just a two-hour drive, but c’mon.  I’m starting to sound like an emo kid so I think I’ll stop here.

Die, emo kid, die.

The Huge Black Caterpillar

October 17, 2006

No, you sicko… not that.  So I was driving home from school one Wednesday Night and as I’m driving, I see what looks like a huge black caterpillar crossing the road.  This thing had to be at least 20lbs.  I wasn’t sure what it was, and at first inclination I thought it was a skunk (which it happened to be).  I position my truck’s wheels so not to hit the critter and to allow it to go directly between the wheels unharmed because I didn’t want my truck to smell like skunk.

When I got home and exited my vehicle, the air surrounding my truck smelled of skunk (elderberry lol Monty Python).  The little critter sprayed my truck!

So while I was trying to avoid the smell by NOT killing the creature, I get sprayed anyway!

Que Sera Sera.